There are some ice hockey movies which are very entertaining both to the people who love ice hockey and those that do not even understand ice hockey. The main reason that makes these movies outstanding is that they are easy to comprehend. They also have compelling story lines which can be grasped by almost anyone. Some of the movies have been produced recently while some are a bit older. Here are some excellent ice hockey movies – most of which you can find on Amazon.


This is an ice hockey movie that tells a true story of Herb Brooks who is played by Russel in the movie. His story is that he is a player turned coach and led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team where they went on to defeat the Russian squad which was regarded as invincible. The main point of this particular movie is to show that Russel inspired the U.S. team which was seen as the underdog. In fact, most of the people expected the Russian team to win, but Russel inspired and motivated the U.S. team until they won. The movie was released in 2014, and it lasts 135 minutes. The director of this particular movie is Gavin O’Connor, and the main characters are Kurt Russel, Nathan West, Patricia Clarkson and Noah Emmerich.

The Rocket

This is another awesome ice hockey movie that was released in 2005. This movie is about Maurice Richard who was nicknamed “the rocket”; he was the most famous hockey player in Quebec. The movie highlights the struggle of the French Canadian in the league which was dominated by Anglophones. The film lasts 124 minutes, and its director is Charles Biname. The main characters are Roy Dupuis, Julie LeBreton, Stephen McHattie and Philip Craig.

The Mighty Ducks

This movie is another one about ice hockey which is worth watching several times mainly because it’s a great story with a light touch. The movie is about a selfish lawyer from Minnesota who is has been sentenced to community service coaching an off the wall youth hockey team. The lawyer struggles to instill discipline amongst the players, and the movie explains the challenges that he has to goe through. The length of the movie is 100 minutes, and the director is Stephen Herek. The main characters are Emilio Estevez, Lane Smith, Joss Ackland and Haidi Kling.

Slap Shot

This one is a relatively old ice hockey movie, but it is still relevant and entertaining. The movie is about a failing ice hockey team that finds success through using violence and constant fighting during games. The team learns that to beat the opponents it must use different tactics and as a result, the players are led to violence. The movie lasts 123 minutes, and the director is George Roy Hill. The main characters are Paul Newman, Strother Martin, Michael Ontkean and Jennifer Warren.

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