Hockey is both enjoyable and yet, one of the most dangerous sports ever played. Most hockey players get hurt in the process of playing this game. If you choose to play hockey, you need to be physically fit. You might have trained well on how to play this game and still get injuries. Hockey players can be severely injured while playing this rough sport. The reason for injuries is because the team players usually end up fighting during the game. Also, players very often slip and fall when playing this game. Why is hockey such a violent sport? Let’s take a look.

Head injuries
Most players normally get head injuries after playing ice hockey. You are likely to get head injuries after coming into contact with a fellow player or with the boards. You are also likely to get head injuries due to slipping and falling. Head injuries can lead to problems such as loss of balance and dizziness at best, but concussions are unfortunately prevalent. You are also likely to develop other injuries such as facial lacerations and bruises.

(Here are a few safety tips)

Back pain
One has to be aggressive when playing hockey. In this sport, you have to bend your knees. Bending the knees help to lower the center of gravity. This posture can make you develop back pains and injuries. If you are playing ice hockey, it is advisable that you stay close to the ice so that you can defend adequately. However, you are likely to develop back pains after the game is over.

Loss of teeth
A hockey puck struck with the hockey stick can reach a speed of 150 miles per hour. If you are hit with this heavy puck, at best, it will leave you with a bruise. But, if you are hit in the face, you are likely to lose your teeth. Depending on the speed, a puck that hits an uncovered head can be fatal.

You can readily play this game with your teens or kids. However, it is important that you be cautious when playing this game. Ensure that you have hockey gear so that you can play effectively. Ice hockey can be enjoyable but can dangerous at times. Millions of hockey players normally suffer from broken bones each year. Some of them have even been hit with the puck. Others have lost their teeth in a fight that ensued. Some of them are not able to play this game again. Regardless of how careful you are, you are likely to get an injury at one time or another. If you are planning to play hockey, you should be ready to encounter the above-mentioned dangers and be sure to buy the right protective gear.