When choosing new hockey skates, it’s crucial that you find a pair that is durable and fits your foot well. If it’s your first time playing hockey or getting involved in the sport, it’s good to find a skate that will allow you to grow in skill and experience at every level at the start, and down the road. Eventually, you will need to purchase the highest quality professional skates, assuming you stick with the sport.

For those who are just testing out the sport to see if it’s one you’ll enjoy, it’s most likely you’d find what you are looking for in sports related department stores, or you could even rent the skates at the rink. But for those who are committed to learning and participating in the sport long term, you’ll be better off at an ice skate specialty store.

The advantages of the specialty stores are the capability of asking those trained in ice hockey whatever series of questions you might have, as one who is new to the game. Additionally, you’ll be able to try on the very best quality skates. They will carry well-known brands as opposed to general sports stores who will carry a lesser known name. Also, the stores will be able to do the adjustments you might need, sharpen your skates, or order a more precise size if necessary. You could check online after you talk to a professional at the specialty store, this way, you may find those brands somewhere else and cheaper. 

It is possible to cut costs and save money by purchasing used skates but be careful when pursuing this option. The blades of skates need very specialized care including frequent sharpening and the occasional replacement. A set of replacement blades can easily equal the cost of a brand new pair. When you think about it this way, it isn’t a good idea to pay for skates well-worn. Also, keep in mind that a used skate will be conformed to the previous owner’s foot. At this point in the life of the skate, reforming, or re-breaking them in is impossible. You’ll probably discover that unless the deal is too good to pass up, it’s probably a better idea to pass it up.

Ask what comes with the skates for the price you’re going to pay. Again, you’ll need to get your skates sharpened often, and some stores will offer this assistance and may even give you a flexible price if you’re a regular customer of theirs. There are a few specialty shops that offer a feature known as “baking in”, which means the skate is baked to mold to your foot for a closer fit. It’s important to ask before you buy the skates though as most shops charge extra for these services.

There are more hockey skates on the market today than ever in history. The type of skate you need will largely depend on the position you play, the size and shape of your foot, and your level of experience on the ice. Keep these things in mind as you look for hockey skates and you’ll be sure to find skates that will bring your game to new levels.